The poet explains in a marvellous way our philosophy about beauty: simple and elegant, exciting and never vulgar. Although we are continously bombarded by images that ‘accustom’ our senses to extreme beauty standards, our portrait movies always amaze for their delicacy and sensibility, in other words the fruits of the help that the director can achieve with his model. There are no other secret out of this, only a great aesthetic and photographic sense, together with the charm of the location (never chosen without care), and with the ability to make the person interpret a role which is examined thoroughly with a disarming spontaneity. At that point and now only you’ll have to push RC button of telecamera.

In this sequence of portraits in motion, the model is never chosen by chance, every person transmits some particular sensations which allow us, of YourCreativeFilm to think about a different visual story time by time, amplified than by the sound track that covers likewise a basic role. Therefore it’s not a question of a product which meets only the eyesight, but entertains much more complicated and organic way, involving also the other senses in an emotional flow which can be deeply felt consciously or not.
If you are a model, tell us your story, we’ll explain the emotions you transmit in a visual personal story, involving and exciting which will amaze you for first and then your audience.

“The beauty is something like a visible harmony that gently penetrates into human hearts”

Ugo Foscolo

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