During the years many artistic performances have been caught by the telecameras of YourCreativeFilm: musicians, song writers and singers, magicians, skaters, fashion models, street artists, theatre artists, dancers, artisanship masters and many other.
The art, paradoxically extremely as much personal as universal, needs to be expressed not only as regards the perfection of a moment but also shoud be able to live for ever if caught and transformed into a ‘digital film’, because from that moment onwards it gains an almost strong and phisical connotation.
We are specialized artists in this matter as much as you are in your art.
Not less important is the aspect of the ‘digital portability’: nowadays the artist has at disposal a potentially endless public, utilizing the means that the today’s net puts at disposal:

social networks, dedicated sites and platforms, blogs, aimed promotions and obviously all the channels dedicated to quality movies where you can publish directly, even in a strategic and continuative way, your own works.
YourCreativeFilm helps you to find the right mood to fix in digital support your artistic performance, either as regards the production or putting it in the most convenient context as far as the location is concerned. The experience we’ve maturated in these years allowed us to know and have at disposal a variegated location ‘stores’ and we’ll devote to find the right one for your purposes, that one which even can extend the power of your performance, making it more special. 

Are you ready to show to the world you art ? We are with you.

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